How Nature helps

“at its deepest level the psyche remains sympathetically bonded to the Earth that mothered us into existence” – Theodore Roszak

There is a growing recognition of the value of spending time outside in Nature. Our bodily dependence on water, air and soil, plants and other creatures is clear. Less obvious but just as vital is the importance of Nature to our psychological and emotional well-being.

Ecopsychology is gathering more and more evidence of how this works. For instance, something that you see or experience in Nature may prompt a memory or give you a new insight into an aspect of yourself that then enables you to understand and accept yourself in a new way.

Nature also has its own vital energy, its balance and its rhythms. Tapping in to these can help to restore our own balance as well as help us to reflect on the seasons and rhythms in our lives. To do this most of us first need to re-learn how to connect to the natural world. This requires respect and humility. It is also about regaining a balance between the thinking, rational aspect of ourselves and our bodily sensing and intuitive selves. In this way we can enrich our relationship with not only Nature, but ourselves and others too.