When therapy can help

I believe that each person is of value, worthy of respect and has within them the potential for positive growth and change. Many people struggle because they have not been able to recognise that for themselves or received that affirmation from others.

The ways in which each of us relate to others and ourselves are largely set up in early childhood. When our early experience is mostly positive, we learn to trust both others and ourselves. However, if our experience has not been good enough, we unconsciously develop psychological strategies to compensate or protect ourselves. When we come into adulthood these deeply rooted strategies tend to continue even if they may no longer be needed. What helped us in the past may start to sabotage our lives and relationships in the present. This can result in both inner and outer conflict. At best this can leave us confused and frustrated by our feelings and behaviour. Or it may be lead to much greater distress such as anxiety, anger, depression and maybe shame or guilt. There can also be an impact on our physical health and spiritual outlook. At these times seeking help from a professional therapist can make all the difference.