How therapy can help

Psychotherapy & Counselling have much in common, both include a broad range of approaches and there is a crossover between them. However, psychotherapy tends to work at a deeper level of the person to uncover the roots of long-standing difficulties and to then facilitate healing change and transformation. Like working at getting physically fit, building emotional & psychological fitness takes time and requires commitment. The root meaning of the word ‘psychotherapy’ is healing for the psyche or soul.

The therapeutic relationship aims to provide a safe enough space for hidden hurts to come to the surface and be received and released for healing. This also allows unhelpful beliefs about life to be challenged and reassessed. My approach is strongly relational – focussed on you as a unique individual with your own particular history and your own particular needs and longings. Through the therapy process I can help you to gradually explore the roots of your difficulties and together work towards a resolution and a route through into a more satisfying, meaningful life.

For those interested, I also offer an outdoor ecotherapy option. Ecotherapy is a very broadly used term, but here it is about taking the therapeutic process outside into natural surroundings and allowing Nature to be a third partner in the exploration. For clients who have chosen this option, it has proved a supportive and powerful part of our work together. (see Natural Reflections pages)