Nature-connection opportunities

“The essence of the trees has a way of touching the inner soul of mankind. Such an experience makes a person feel humble and secure.” – North American tribal member Fido Davis

Tuning-in to Nature to re-tune to yourself.

What I facilitate are specific ways of being in Nature that are focussed and intentional. This can create an increased awareness of the surroundings and also of a person’s inner self. Nature has a profound capacity to draw out deep feelings and to provide a sense of holding and support.


Ecotherapy – one to one time outdoors, as part of on-going individual therapy and in combination with indoor sessions (see Psychotherapy & Counselling). I use a nearby area of secluded heathland & woodland where privacy and confidentiality can be maintained.

Day courses – open to anyone wanting to experience how a deeper connection to Nature can enhance their sense of well-being. These take place primarily outdoors with an indoor base to meet and reflect together.

A self-development group, incorporating individual engagement time outdoors in Nature with group sharing and process indoors. For those who wish to explore personal growth through Nature-connection.

These events are available to individuals and groups.  See the events pages or contact me for further information.